Price Increase Letter

June 22, 2021

Dear Customers:

Since early this year there has been a significant increase in Ocean Freight costs. Container shipping rates are 4-5 times higher than last year. The cost of raw materials to our suppliers has dramatically increased this year as well.  

Up until now, we at The Toy Network have kept the POSTED 2021 PRICING as we were hoping that these increased costs were temporary. Unfortunately, these increases will be with us for at least through the end of the summer.

Regrettably, we will have to adjust pricing. Rather than placing an arbitrary percent increase on all of the products in stock, we will adjust the pricing on the items as we receive them, or on some of the recent receipts.  Small items may not see any increases, but big bulky items will have larger increases. Once container pricing decreases, we will readjust those increases.


Please check our web site for the current pricing.

Sincerely, Bob Nowak